Weekly Classes

Our MANCHESTER classes are twice a week on either TUESDAY or THURSDAY evening at 7pm – 10pm.

The Inspire Actors Studio is a hub for actors who have already had some formal training and want to keep on top of their talent and skill. A class for trained actors should bring out the best in the actor to enable them to excel. And this is exactly what the Inspire Actors Studio does. Think of us like the Hollywood/NYC acting groups, where actors attended classes to keep sharp and develop further.

What we cover

– Improvisation
– Screen acting
– On camera work
– Character development
– Script work
– Character work
– Voice
– Fight/Combat
– Audition prep
– Marketing/promoting yourself
– A positive environment
– No competitiveness

– You will be:

– Challenged
– Inspired
– Motivated
– Encouraged
– Supported

There is no magic pill that will make you a better actor – it’s all down to you and the work you put in. What we give you at the Inspire Actors Studio is the opportunity to do the work, develop existing skills, acquire new ones, practice your craft and continue learning, because as actors, we never stop learning.

It’s when uncertainty and doubt creep in that confidence and self-belief can be shaken. But the many greats of the silver screen have one thing in common – complete certainty about themselves and the decisions they make about their performance. So at Inspire, we’re all about supporting and encouraging our actors.

We believe in our actors. And the first 20 minutes of each class focus on motivational coaching to enable them to really flourish in a positive, nurturing environment.

Life is about results. Our actors get results as a result of attending Inspire classes. Check out their testimonials on our home page and our Facebook page. If you’re looking for a certificate, we are probably not the right class for you.

£108 per month paid in advance on the 1st of each month (£25 per class).
As some months have 5 weeks, we have averaged the price.

As the standard at Inspire is extremely high, new Actors wanting to join us will now have to audition. To find out more Call 07864940279 or email: yo@inspireactorsstudio.com