We are delighted to be hosting the exceptionally talented TV Director Alex Jacob for a HUGELY invaluable and insightful workshop which is an absolute MUST for any actor who is still to book their first professional TV/Film credit or lacking on-set experience. This workshop is not something that is taught at drama school yet fundamental to the success of any actor on set.


Old Granada Studios
Quay St

PRICE: GBP 55.00

Setiquette – Exploring how a TV & Film set works. A workshop providing an understanding of the logistical and technical processes going on around you and the part you play.

Arriving on set for the first time can be an intimidating experience for anybody. If you are an actor, with cameras trained on you, it can be doubly so. Working in a professional environment, it is essential to understand the processes of the work; the roles of those around you and the terminology in use.

This course will provide:
– An understanding of what to expect from first call to final wrap.
– An exploration of the roles of the professionals on a film set. (From Runner to Script Supervisor, from Best Boy to DOP it’s essential to have a grasp of what these people do all day so that you may better play your role, both as a performer and as member of that team.)
– How to be professional and earn the respect of the crew and other cast members.
– From Honey Wagon to Wild Track.
– An Understanding of the most commonly used parlance on a drama set.
– Developed and taught by industry professionals with decades of experience.

Alex started in the business as a runner in 1993 on the BBC film ‘A Landing On The Sun’. Since then he has worked on all manner of dramas as a 3rd AD, 2nd AD, Location Manager 1st AD. Alex started directing in 2010 and since that time has directed 40 episodes of BBC1’s ‘Doctors’, 35 episodes of Channel 4’s ‘Hollyoaks’ and 20 episodes of CBBC’s ‘The 4 O’clock Club’. Alex has also directed 4 episodes of BBC 1’s ‘Casualty’, an episode of ‘Moving On’, and CBBC’s ‘The Dumping Ground’.

The intent of the workshop is educational and should not be considered a job interview or audition. Attending workshops is not a way to obtain employment as an actor. It is a learning / educational experience. The presence of a Director is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment. Contact with a Director at a workshop rarely results in any further contact with that Director or any company affiliated with that Director.