Inspire Improv

On the spot invention. Making discoveries in the moment. Getting out of your comfort zone and stepping into the unknown. That’s the joy of improv. For the actor, it’s an essential muscle. One you can strengthen and build to give you skill and confidence in any acting – and life – situation.

When you do improv, you invent characters in the moment, you create stories that unfold before you in unexpected ways. Your reactions surprise you too. And when this becomes a regular practice, bringing text to life on the spot, or going off script at an audition doesn’t faze you, because you know you can do it.

But it’s not just about winning at auditions – although that’s a pretty compelling reason to do it! Improv has so many applications in the performing arts. It’s a rehearsal tool, and a devising and writing technique.

And it’s an entertainment in itself. Audiences delight in seeing improvisers creating original, funny and touching moments entirely spontaneously. And our improv training has this goal in mind – to form our own improv troupe and get our actors on stage, regularly performing at Inspire Improv Cabaret shows. It’s an exciting journey we’re just beginning, and it’ll be a fun ride if you want to get on board.

Oh, and improv is playful, joyful and lots and lots of fun too. So if you do it for that reason alone, you’re onto a winner.

We hold FREE Improv Workshops every month. Next Date: TBC