Inspire Actors Studio, founded by Michael Keogh, is based at THE YARD 11 Bent Street, Manchester, M8 8NF.

Our ongoing classes are designed as a constant hub for actors who want to keep on top of their talents and skills with regular training. We focus on: working on scripts, improvisation, acting for screen and improving technique – as well as motivating and inspiring the actor. Our classes are for actors with some previous training or experience.

The first 30 minutes of each class focus on positivity, motivation and inspiration – incorporating motivational life coaching to look at things from a new perspective and think differently in order to improve performance, progress your career and move forward positively and successfully.

There are many acting techniques – and we encourage actors to not limit themselves to specific techniques but to take from all the many successful methods to really excel. We like Bruce Lee’s philosophy: “Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.”

Actors are NEVER criticized or invalidated in an Inspire class. How can performance be improved if actors feel bad about themselves and their performance? So we have created a space for actors to let their creativity flow, a space where they can express themselves freely.